Weapons Station Drainage Study and Master Plan

Joint Base Charleston
2017 - 2018

Davis & Floyd was enlisted to analyze the existing stormwater infrastructure serving the weapons station portion of Joint Base Charleston and make recommendations for stormwater infrastructure improvements. These recommendations would then be used to form the basis of a stormwater capital improvement program.


Develop hydrologic analysis for the 17,000-acre weapons station portion of Joint Base Charleston

Develop hydraulic model for the analysis of approximately 44 miles of drainage piping and 82 miles of open channel

Determine where the existing stormwater system lacks adequate capacity and make recommendation for improvements

Rate and prioritize recommended improvements according to Joint Base requirements

Provide mapping (both digital and hard-copy) of proposed improvements

Group required improvements into projects and develop programmatic level costs to complete improvements


Large project footprint of 17,000 acres

Mix of urban and rural areas, including wetlands/environmentally sensitive areas

Drainage system inventory “gaps” requiring supplemental data collection for modeling purposes

Demanding project timeline

Restricted access to areas on the base


This project provided Joint Base Charleston with the tools needed to develop a stormwater capital improvement program. Joint Base staff will be able to prioritize projects based on required level of service and available funding and ultimately provide adequate stormwater service to mission critical facilities.

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