Spring/Fishburne US 17 Drainage Improvements

City of Charleston
In Progress
Buildings Engineering
Civil Engineering
Construction Administration & Inspection
Transportation Engineering
Water & Wastewater Engineering

The City of Charleston engaged Davis & Floyd to design and construct a drainage solution to alleviate frequent flooding that caused property damage and standstill traffic.


Stormwater Solutions 2009 Top Stormwater Projects Award

ACEC-SC Engineering Excellence Awards State Finalist for US 17 Septima Clark Parkway Improvements


Conducted hydrologic and hydraulic analyses of the 500-acre study area

Identified the most efficient means of collecting, conveying, and discharging stormwater runoff

Designed a new pump station consisting of an aesthetically-pleasing building that fits the character of the neighborhood and includes three 120,000-gallon-per-minute pumps, mechanical screens, silt removal pumps, electronic control, and emergency generator power

Developed a 12-foot-diameter tunnel located 150 feet deep, the largest tunnel to date in the Charleston region, which will convey stormwater runoff from flood-prone areas within the drainage basin to the pump station and outfall at the Ashley River

Designed transportation improvements to increase highway accessibility, traffic efficiency, and vehicular/pedestrian safety


Developing innovative solutions in a complex, tidally-influenced study area, which includes urban and historic portions of the Charleston peninsula, narrow rights-of-way, poor soils, over two centuries of compounding utilities, and heavily-traveled US 17 Septima P. Clark Parkway (aka Crosstown)

Working around a restrictive construction zone that involved daytime lane closures and night work within residential areas


Once all phases of the project have been completed, this work will provide reliable drainage service independent of tides with provisions to facilitate further mitigation efforts for addressing sea level rise. Resilient development relies on resilient infrastructure to support it and while the Spring/Fishburne and other similar projects will not prevent flooding within the Charleston peninsula, the impacts and damages resulting from the dry and wet weather flooding that are increasing in frequency today will be better avoided tomorrow.

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