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Davis & Floyd was selected by the architect, Stewart-Cooper-Newell, to provide civil engineering, surveying, and traffic analysis services for the design of a new Fire and Police Department Headquarters for the City of Sumter. The complex will include three buildings, four access points for operational purposes, and a 149-space parking lot.


Provided grading and drainage design; stormwater management; water & sewer services; Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan preparation and submission; traffic impact analysis; and construction drawings for driveways, sidewalks, and parking areas

Designed parking, roads, and access to meet the requested layout provided by the City and architect

Designed off-site overflow pond to handle larger stormwater events

Coordinated SCDOT permitting for multiple access points requested by the client due to police and fire operations

Provided off-site survey services for stormwater detention and wetland delineation

Developed stormwater design with Manufactured Treatment Devices

Designed pedestrian access system with sidewalks to increase walkability of site


Project is a Construction Manager at Risk team environment involving multiple stakeholder coordination

Site was designed to meet established layout and master plan, which presented engineering challenges to curb and gutter, sidewalks, and stormwater volume control

Although stormwater volume control was challenged by the amount of impervious compared to available space for ponds, Davis & Floyd overcame the problem by including an off-site overflow pond for additional storage


An innovative public safety complex housing the new Fire and Police Department Headquarters.

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