Brickyard Creek Stormwater Management Master Plan

City of North Charleston
Civil Engineering
Water & Wastewater Engineering

Brickyard Creek was the first of 14 areas studied for developing a CityWide Stormwater Master Plan that covered over 90 square miles of urban/suburban development in and surrounding North Charleston. This comprehensive stormwater study was the first step in updating the city’s original master plan prepared by Davis & Floyd in 1980. This study encompassed a 1,500-acre, fully-developed urban basin that discharged to the adjacent Ashley River. As the city annexed portions of this basin, it assumed responsibility for maintenance of the drainage system, which included areas that experienced frequent flooding of private property. Planning included a detailed system inventory using GPS, hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, and recommendations for improvement.


Inventoried over 900 drainage pipes, 91,000 linear feet of channels, and 580 drainage structures that were cataloged, mapped, and maintained in GIS

Performed hydrologic analysis utilizing aerial photography and topography to determine and classify land use and cover, ultimately defining over 400 catchments averaging 3 acres in size

Used EPA’s Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) for generating stormwater runoff rates and volumes for 5-, 10-, and 25-year return storm events and for conducting hydraulic analyses on the basin’s complex network of open channel and closed piping system

Used hydraulic modeling to develop an accurate determination of the Ashley River's tidal impacts on the drainage system


Analyzed a multitude of conceptual, both conventional and unconventional, drainage improvements to develop an efficient and comprehensive improvement plan that prioritized and phased 15 projects.

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