Birdsong Peanuts Facility

C.W. Brinkley Construction, Inc.
Civil Engineering
Site Planning
Transportation Engineering
Water & Wastewater Engineering

Birdsong Peanuts, a national leader in the peanut processing industry, required a new 65-acre peanut buying and processing facility in time for the 2014 fall harvest. In order to execute the project to rigorous standards within a compressed timeline, Davis & Floyd was engaged by general contractor C.W. Brinkley Construction to provide site planning and civil engineering design services.


Designed layout, grading, and drainage plans for graveled travel paths and truck parking areas; water system; on-site fire protection piping system; and site lighting

Developed a stormwater management plan

Added multiple turn lanes to improve access to a nearby four-lane, divided highway

Designed a large retention pond to handle all runoff and maintained post-development runoff quantity at pre-development levels

Provided site planning and civil engineering design services for multiple buildings


A compressed schedule that called for expediting site plans through local county and state permitting authorities

An exceedingly flat site that required hauling in more than 100,000 cubic yards of fill material to achieve required grades


A well-executed design-build project that quickly and effectively overcame environmental challenges to complete the facility in time for harvest.

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