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Anderson County commissioned Davis & Floyd to evaluate, develop a master plan, and design Phases 1 and 2 for an industrial park on a 217-acre site.


Identified and located wetland areas and easements

Designed the master plan's roadways, proposed building areas, and other site amenities around these ecologically-sensitive areas

Assisted Anderson County with resolving property classifications of onsite, unpermitted ponds from agricultural to industrial use

Emphasized the importance of balancing cut and fill earth volume quantities to avoid large quantities of soil and structural fill to be hauled to or from the site

Conducted a traffic impact analysis, which provided solutions to potential problems associated with future growth of the industrial park and surrounding community

For Phase 2, developed an early site package on a 22.5-acre parcel to provide two 100,000 SF building ready pads; designed permanent stormwater conveyance system and retention pond for complete build out of buildings, parking, drives, and sidewalks; coordinated land disturbance permitting with SCDOT; and provided construction material testing to ensure project specifications were met and to document soil compaction


Site constraints included wetland areas, utility easements, large elevation differences creating steep slopes, SCDOT right-of-way, abandoned convenience store building, cemetery, and residential property

Due diligence revealed the two onsite ponds were not permitted by USACE

Design of project phases needed to address large elevation differences and minimize cut and fill volumes

Because site construction of a park this size impacts local traffic, a study estimating traffic volume increase and associated congestion was essential for SCDOT to assess the need for turning, deceleration, and/or acceleration lanes

Site design for two parallel buildings involved a shared 200'-wide truck court

Site drainage design needed to function with phased building and parking construction

Site design had to be flexible to accommodate prospective owners' requirements


Davis & Floyd provided site evaluation, master planning, entrance design, and Phases 1 & 2 design for the industrial park

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