October 23, 2018

Our Work In Pickens County Commerce Park Continues

Utilizing our extensive knowledge in the area, Davis & Floyd has completed another project in the Pickens County Commerce Park. Safeplast NA now has a new manufacturing facility located on an 8-acre parcel in the Park. The Canadian-based company made the decision to expand to South Carolina this past year, creating over 30 new jobs and promoting economic development in the area.

Davis & Floyd was commissioned by Safeplast NA to provide civil, landscape, architectural, structural, and construction administration services for the new industrial facility. Working in support of Alliance Pickens, and teaming with THS Constructors, we developed plans for the new 30,000 SF manufacturing facility. Having previously designed and constructed a rough grading plan for the subject parcel, we were quickly able to evaluate the owner’s development plan to confirm that their facility needs could be accommodated by the available land.

The project team worked closely with Safeplast NA and THS Constructors to establish a project budget and value engineer the site and building to control costs and maintain the client’s budget. We were able to expedite the permit process due to our previous work onsite and relationship with the local permitting agency and cut several weeks off of the project schedule.

The result was an impressive facility for Safeplast NA to manufacture their innovative products, delivered to them within the aggressive design and construction schedule. To learn more about our successful Safeplast NA project, watch this video:

October 3, 2018

Evolution of Environmental Issues

Tommy Jordan, PE, Vice President, Environmental Market Sector LeaderBy Tommy Jordan, PE, Vice President, Environmental Market Sector Leader

Following WWII, my father, Major H. Jordan, went to work as an ironworker and later as a pipefitter/boilermaker for Greenville, SC, based Daniel Construction Company. By the mid-1960s, Daniel had built more than 250 manufacturing facilities in South Carolina alone for such firms as Celanese, DuPont, Milliken, Monsanto, JP Stevens, and Textron. During those days, industrial developers had a relatively short list of requirements for selecting a plant site including being near water and electrical power, buildable property on high ground, and a community of people looking for good paying jobs. Davis & Floyd, Inc. did the engineering for some of the projects. The environmental challenges that industrial developers are faced with today have drastically changed since the team led by Charlie Daniel, our co-founder Emmett Davis, Jr., and Bailey Phelps, president of Fiber Industries, encountered during the design and construction of the Fiber Industries plants across the Carolinas.

The process has been ever changing since the EPA was founded in 1970 when regulations like the Clean Air and Clean Water Act became legislation. Each decade since, more and more rules have been added to the equation. Permitting costs became part of the budget and unpredictable time frames to get permits were plugged into the schedule.

During the previous administration alone, from 2009 through mid-2016, the EPA published over 3,900 rules, averaging almost 500 annually, and amounting to over 33,000 new pages in the Federal Register. Mountains of regulations created growing concerns from states and affected entities about the exponential complexity, costs, and legality of EPA rules.

Today, to assist in the selection process, Davis & Floyd helps economic developers advance their sites by doing various forms of due diligence to scrutinize the site before marketing it. Those assignments range from limited desktop studies to a comprehensive list of SC Department of Commerce’s site certification requirements that in some cases carry a price tag exceeding six figures. The catalog of deliverables includes a property survey, wetlands delineation and plat, a Phase 1 ESA, threatened and endangered species as well as cultural resource studies with specific agency concurrence, a geotechnical study, zoning, floodplains, general transportation and utility assessments, and a proposed site development plan with an engineer’s estimate. This wealth of information is used by industries to implement their search for the best site location to meet their needs.

Once selected, we lead the permitting and planning effort to address environmental issues like air, wastewater, stormwater land disturbance NPDES, hazardous wastes, and solid waste. Today’s development may include addressing zoning issues, conducting public hearings, designing stormwater retention/detention, providing wetland mitigation, banking, buffering, and making sure that facilities are designed with future compliance in mind.

Davis & Floyd has and will always focus on the economic growth of South Carolina within each of the market sectors we serve, adding value to our clients so they can be successful, while leaving our beautiful State a great place with a clean environment to live in the future.

September 5, 2018

Another Great Project in Pickens County Commerce Park

One of several clients Davis & Floyd has worked with at the Pickens County Commerce Park, era-contact USA has made its home in an impressive industrial building in the Park.

Alliance Pickens and Pickens County selected Davis & Floyd as their civil engineer for the Pickens County Commerce Park, a 310-acre Class A industrial park. While the team was developing the site, Pickens County was approached by era-contact who showed interest in one of the sites in the Park. Davis & Floyd addressed era-contact’s concerns that their building would not fit, providing schematic design to verify the entire 150,000 SF building program could be developed on the subject parcel.

The project team provided topographic survey and boundary survey, and geotechnical exploration to verify suitability of soils and location of rock to support mass grading operation. Additionally, Davis & Floyd closely coordinated project permitting with local authority to expedite permit review process, developed early site package to expedite construction while building design was being programmed and finalized, worked with industry representative and architectural firm to develop site plans related to the building design, and provided construction material testing services to check compaction met project specifications.

Davis & Floyd was able to complete all phases of the project construction on time and under budget, and provide era-contact USA with a first-class facility.

To view the construction process and learn more about how Davis & Floyd helped create a high-quality industrial complex for era-contact, watch this video:

August 24, 2018

Davis & Floyd Is Honored to be a Part of the Dedication of “Emmett I. Davis, Jr. Memorial Highway”

The commute to Davis & Floyd’s Greenwood office has a lot more meaning now. On Wednesday, August 22nd, the Davis & Floyd family helped dedicate the 5-mile stretch of Highway 72/221 in front of Davis & Floyd headquarters in Greenwood, South Carolina, to the late founder of the company, Mr. Emmett I. Davis, Jr.

The sign “Emmett I. Davis, Jr. Memorial Highway” now proudly stands directly in front of the office where Mr. Davis spent the majority of his impressive engineering career. An innovator in the engineering industry, Mr. Davis founded Davis & Floyd in the back of a liquor store in 1954. Over the last 64 years, his company has grown from a two-man start up to becoming the largest, privately-owned engineering firm located in the state with approximately 175 employees and five offices in Charleston, Columbia, Florence, Greenville, and Greenwood. Mr. Davis’ son, Stephen Davis, current president and CEO, carries on his remarkable legacy today.

The highway dedication ceremony, which brought in friends, family, and co-workers from across the state, honored Mr. Davis’ outstanding accomplishments in South Carolina, as well as the memory of him as a true Southern gentlemen and man of integrity. Many shared words of admiration for Mr. Davis’ work and values in life, a true testament to the positive impression he made on so many.

“He made a real impression on my life. To start a company over 60 years ago that has become the largest privately-owned engineering firm in the state, that tells us an awful lot about Emmett Davis,” said Ben Davis, State Department of Transportation Commission Chairman and friend of Mr. Davis.

The highway will serve as a great reminder of the outstanding work Mr. Davis performed on thousands of miles of roads throughout the state. The Davis & Floyd family thanks the South Carolina General Assembly and South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for officially renaming the highway, and all those who attended the ceremony to honor the memory of a truly extraordinary man.


August 20, 2018

JR Automation Technologies Expands to Pickens County Commerce Park

JR Automation Technologies, located at the Pickens County Commerce Park in Liberty, is a 50,000 SF facility with approximately 80 parking spaces and truck loading docks, which created approximately 56 new jobs for the area. The Michigan-based company provides automated equipment and services for industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, construction, and more. Their 2011 arrival in Pickens County was the company’s first facility outside of Michigan and their expansion doubles the current Southeastern footprint of the company, more than doubling its workforce, too.

Davis & Floyd developed a schematic site plan at the inception of the project to show JR Automation that their development program could be located on the subject parcel. Our team provided topographic and boundary survey for the parcel; developed civil engineering plans, which included grading, pavement, storm drain, utility, and erosion control; assisted with land disturbance permitting with Pickens County, MS4; and provided landscape design, which received approval from the Park’s Architectural Review Board.

Davis & Floyd had a great team, working with Agracel, McMillan Pazdan Smith, and THS, and delivered this successful facility to JR Automation Technologies on a tight schedule. To learn more about our work at the Pickens County Commerce Park, watch this video: