Posted: August 2018

August 14, 2018

New Fire-Training Facility Open in Spartanburg County

Firefighters in the Upstate now have a new fire-training facility! Yesterday, Davis & Floyd employees attended the dedication of the facility, which consists of a three-story concrete structure and five-story steel drill tower designed to simulate a burning house or office building. The two buildings amount to about 10,000 square feet, providing Spartanburg County firefighters with a first-class facility that includes improved training safety features and updated training apparatuses for situation scenarios. One unique aspect is the elevator shaft in the drill tower, which will provide hands-on elevator training to the firefighters at the facility.

The New Fire-Training Burn Center

Davis & Floyd was selected by Spartanburg County to provide the survey, design, and permitting for the 19-acre campus. Part of this job required the development of a site plan for the campus’ gun range. Significant measures were taken to ensure safety for the trainees on the range, and for the property owners just adjacent to the campus.

“We all benefit from well-trained first responders, and those who are called to do such work deserve the best training facilities our communities can provide. We are proud to have worked on a project that will enhance the safe training of the first responders who do so much for the Spartanburg Community,” said Greg McElhannon, project manager at Davis & Floyd.

Spartanburg County made the decision to create this new facility to respond to the massive growth in the County over the past years. The growing population relies on Emergency Services 24/7 and this $1.8 million investment will benefit the entire community of Spartanburg. Davis & Floyd is grateful to be part of the development of this facility, helping Spartanburg County Emergency Services Academy provide training that is always safe, effective, and efficient.

Aerial View of Spartanburg County Emergency Services Academy Campus

August 10, 2018

Revolutionary War Fort to Open to The Public

Fort Fair Lawn, one of two Revolutionary War Forts in original condition in South Carolina, will soon be an education and recreational park, open to the public.

Acquired by the Lord Berkeley Conservation Trust and the South Carolina Battleground Preservation Trust in 2016, the site dates back to 1780 and is located in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Davis & Floyd has completed the master plan for the 80-acre site, which includes the addition of new trails, educational centers, and a large public park. The redevelopment of the site will allow visitors to learn about the historic fort, which withstood many attacks during the American Revolution.

“Our master plan provides the local community with a truly unique recreational experience. As users make their way to Fort Fair Lawn, they will have multiple opportunities to learn about both the Patriot and British involvements in the Revolutionary War. As they do so, they will be walking the same trails frequented by General Francis Marion and Captain Wade Hampton. It is amazing to have such a historic resource in this condition and this new park will help to ensure that it remains protected for generations to come,” said Chris Haynes, senior landscape architect at Davis & Floyd.

Fort Fair Lawn will accompany multiple other historical forts open to the public in the greater Charleston area, such as Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter. Davis & Floyd is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a project that brings history to life and allows the members of its community to learn about their cities’ timeless history. For more information about this exciting project, please visit

August 8, 2018

New Pedestrian Paths Coming Soon to Folly Beach

Located just outside of Charleston, Folly Beach is a popular tourist location in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The Beach is known for its laid-back community atmosphere, great restaurants, and pristine beaches. As a result, the popular beaches attract countless people each year, with an influx during the summer months. Until recently, there was a lack of permanent pedestrian facilities throughout the area, especially along the residential side streets, creating a safety hazard and traffic build-up.

To solve this problem, the City of Folly Beach retained Davis & Floyd in March to develop conceptual designs for pedestrian paths. The project involves adding new pedestrian paths along 2nd Street East from East Indian Avenue to East Arctic Avenue and along East Hudson Avenue from Center Street to 5th Street East.

Davis & Floyd is passionate about making sure that the communities where our employees and neighbors work and play are safe. Our project team is currently working on providing engineering, landscape architecture, and design services for the City of Folly Beach in order to assure that everyone who visits the fun and beautiful beaches can get there safe and sound.

Current lack of pedestrian paths on Folly Beach