Stormwater Infrastructure Mapping

City of Greenwood
Civil Engineering

The City of Greenwood needed to identify problems to their existing stormwater infrastructure in order to develop necessary upgrades. They selected Davis & Floyd to provide GIS mapping for the entire city.


Provide GIS mapping of the City of Greenwood’s stormwater system for MS4 compliance

Phase 1: Mapped the western portion of the city, which included more than 5,000 structures and 6,000 pipes over a 9,000-acre area

Phase 2: Mapped the northern portion of the city

Phase 3: Map the southeastern portion of the city

Developed data set that included locations of structures, connectivity of pipes, depth of structures, size of pipes, maintenance needs, and photographs of pipes and structures

Worked with the city’s GIS department to incorporate the data findings on their GIS website


Limited access to the property due to lack of development

Wide range of topography and overgrown vegetation made it difficult to navigate


Provided the city with the data needed for evaluation of their stormwater infrastructure.

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