Posted: May 2016

May 16, 2016

Greenwood’s Uptown Market

Photo of Greenwood's Uptown Market
Davis & Floyd works on many projects across South Carolina and the Southeast, but Greenwood’s Uptown Market project is one that has been particularly special to us. Last month, we were honored to be a sponsor for its grand opening, where our project manager, Brent Robertson, PE, LEED AP, spoke about project details.

Uptown Market will host local farmers, vendors, and entertainment year-round. The site also features a 3,000-square-foot interactive water feature for kids (and kids at heart) to play and cool off throughout the summer. Construction on the nearly 6,000-square-foot market facility began in fall of 2014 and in addition to the water feature, the site has a separate building for restroom facilities and a smaller storage building. Overall, the architectural style reflects adjacent historical buildings and resembles a train depot that once stood on the same spot in the 1950s.

Davis & Floyd was engaged to provide design and construction management services on the Emerald Triangle master plan for the City of Greenwood’s Uptown area. In total, this represented the market itself as well as parking and streetscapes. Designed to recall the historic depot, the market was built as an open masonry structure with arches, cupolas, laminated wood truss roof system, and standing seam metal roof. Even decisions on items like lampposts and interior lighting continued the site’s aesthetics, while providing additional public safety features. Moreover, Davis & Floyd put together landscape architecture plans that will enhance the community and educational aspects of the market with surrounding trees, shrubs, and plantings that will produce edible fruits and attract butterflies.

Being part of something in Greenwood, where Davis & Floyd was founded and still maintains its headquarters, is always meaningful – yet what Uptown Market represents to our own community is powerful. Encouraging families to come out together and support local farmers, crafters, and vendors is something worth celebrating and we are so proud to have been involved.

We look forward to visiting Uptown Market with our own families and hope to see you there.

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Image of Greenwood's Uptown Market Site Plan